January 24th, 2008
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Allison Quets, the birthmother who kidnapped her twins last year, is back in the news again. She was recently sentenced and now the judge has ruled that she will have no visitation with her twins.

During her pregnancy, Allison suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that makes you very ill and weak. Feeling very sick and weak from that condition, Allison signed relinquishment papers terminating her parental rights to her twins, Holly and Tyler.

Not long after singing the papers, Allison changed her mind and tried to revoke her consent yet the twins were not given back. Instead, Allison spent the next two years fighting to get her children who were living in North Carolina with the couple who wanted to adopt them. She had been challenging the adoption saying that she was under extreme duress and severely ill when she relinquished the twins. The Florida courts had been upholding the adoption but had given her court ordered visits with her twins.


Allison was having one of those court scheduled visits with her then seventeen month old twins in December of 2006 when she took off with them. Instead of bringing them back to their adoptive parents in North Carolina at the appointed time, Allison fled with her babies to Canada but was then apprehended a week later.

Allison was in a North Carolina jail for over eight months before finally deciding to plead guilty to two charges of international parental kidnapping in November. Last month, Allison was sentenced to five years probation.

Allison was in court again this week trying to get the court to agree to let her have visits with her twins again but the judge denied her request stating that she had terminated her parental rights so she had no right to have visits.

Source: News 14 Carolinas

11 Responses to “Allison Quets: Sentenced and Denied Visitation”

  1. Sunbonnet Sue says:

    what a horrid and sad situation for everyone involved.

  2. fenyimom says:

    What is really hard to understand is how the people who have essentially kidnapped her children can live with themselves. Think of the nonstop rationalization that must go through their heads. Think how these children will hate them when they discover what they did. No doubt the adoptive couple will try to poison the children against their mother, but hopefully the children will someday realize that they were stolen and that their mom wanted them.

  3. John says:

    It is a sad situation. The Mom did change her mind, but there is a limit on how long parents have to do that for a reason, to allow the child not to hang in limbo. The court was astonishingly generous, they gave her visitation, and this was an adoption. It seems unlikely that the adoptive parents would have agreed, so it really is unusual. She kidnapps the kids and dashes to Canada, then say to the court, ‘Hey let me have visitation again, I am reliable and live up to my word’. They would have been daft to let her do it a second time. She blew it, and needs to take responsibilty for her actions, she is an adult.

    Feny, once rights are terminated, it doesn’t matter what the adoptive parents do, the child does not go back to the parent that agreed to the termination. If there is a bad guy, it would be the courts for upholding the termination, not the adoptive family. Does she seem like a rational careful parent to you? John

  4. Coley S. says:

    I agree that is a very sad situation for ALL of the triad members involved in this situation.

  5. thomasina says:

    John, is this another sneaky slam against open adoption?
    Really! The court should have returned Ms. Quets children the minute she said she changed her mind. A court wouldn’t honor a contract for other contracts made under that kind of duress. The fact that they honored this one is a sign that prejudice against women in crisis pregnancy and birthmothers is alive and well. What a shame.

  6. thomasina says:

    I agree with you fenyimom. Right on.

  7. Coley S. says:


    I think what feiny might be trying to say is that this adoption never should have happened in the first place. This girl was held up in an attorney’s office for 11 hours until she signed those papers. She even called 911 from the attorney’s office!

    That said, I do not condone her actions of breaking the law and kidnapping her children. I sympathize with her desperation, but two wrongs do not make a right.

  8. John says:

    I agree Coley. Was she taken advantage of? Yes. Unfortunately it was done legally. Much like a referee in a sporting event, the court tried to make up for a decision they had to make but didn’t like. Visitation forced on the adoptive family, an unusual order. Once the TPR was legally final, the children would have simply been returned to foster care if the adoptive parents had bailed. Children cannot be returned to a parent who has a TPR, that is why she challeneged it, not the adoption, same with the He family (He vs Bakers) in TN. John

  9. dash says:

    A sad situation . Sounds like the mom messed up. She could have had some relationship with the children if she had been more clever about it.I’m sure the adoptive parents are no monsters.
    Fenimom, you sound very bitter.
    What you say in regards to adoptive parents in utter nonsense.They did not kidnap anyone. I do not know the particulars of why these parents were chosen to become the adoptive parents, but in many many cases they are chosen either by the birth parent themselves or by some agency, be it public or private.
    They are not the ones who have broken the rules here.
    It is also not very clear from the blog whether the adoption had already been finalized. If it has than it seems a decision in the best interest of the children has been made.

  10. clareb says:

    dash, the reason these people were chosen to be the adoptive parents is that it worked out well for the family of Allison’s former boyfriend who knew she was ill and couldn’t get rid of the children fast enough. He knew his cousin and his wife wanted to adopt. The decision was doubtless made by him. John, you say there is a limit on how long parents have to change their minds. That’s true but even in Florida it’s more than twelve hours and I hate to disagree with you Dash but I’m afraid these people are monsters. Under the circumstances if they’re not, my God who is? If this well educated, independent, financially secure woman can be robbed of her children due to temporary illness anyone could be next.

  11. noticias says:


    Allison Quets: Sentenced and Denied Visitation – Adoption News…

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